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“Our daughter Emily
cannot communicate with words, but it is easy to tell by her face that she likes to come to Chiara Home.

Chiara Home has earned
our trust and respect, and enables our family to do things we could never have done with Emily along.

Meanwhile, we know that Emily is having a great time with her Chiara friends.”

-Peter, Indiana  

“I have a sister who is profoundly disabled, both mentally and physically.  She depends on a small network of people to take care of all her needs. This obviously puts a lot of stress on my parents. Although Tracie is a source of joy for all of us, taking care of her needs, can be overwhelming."

-Thomas, Illinois


Program Information:

     Extended Hours:
Chiara Home is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

     Care for all:
Chiara Home provides care for all individuals with special needs, of all age groups without regard to race, culture, religion, sex or disability.

     Commitment to Service:
While Chiara Home is private pay, if space is available, Chiara never turns away any family for an inability to pay our minimal service fee.

     A Homelike Environment:
Chiara Home strives to be as non-institutional as possible, both in terms of the physical appearance of the house itself, which is located in a residential neighborhood and in the high level of interaction between guests and staff. Chiara Home, for many is a home away from home, a safe place with quality care as well as a place of warmth and total acceptance.

     Recreational Activities:
Chiara Home provides both in-home and community-based recreational activities for guest to enjoy.  In this way, appropriate social and behavioral skills, normal living activities and self-confidence are reinforced.  These activities also provide for enhanced quality of life for many guests, who due to financial limitations, lack of transportation or supportive assistance, would otherwise be unable to enjoy.

     Guests Who Have Difficulty in Other Programs:
Chiara Home provides care to individuals, including guests with certain mental illnesses, who are unwelcome or unable to cope in other programs.

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Guests at Chiara Home

Respite Care Costs:

Chiara Home will never turn away any family for an inability to pay our minimal service fees.

Classification is determined by the Chiara Home staff member who conducts the interview with the primary caregiver of the potential guest.

Although our operating costs are more than $18.35 per hour, our fees for service are:

Classification A:

0-6 hours  $06.50 per hour
6-10 hours  $40.00
+10-24 hours  $60.00


Classification B:

For guests who require constant one-on-one attention (i.e. Autistic, Hyperactive, Schizophrenic, Medically Fragile)

  $08.00 per hour
  $80.00 overnight plus
$08.00 each waking hour between 12AM—5AM

Chiara Home, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) private, not-for-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of federal and state law.


 "Each time I arrive at
Chiara Home, whether day or night, my children have been welcomed with open arms.

"When Mary Mae had to be hospitalized for 16 days, I knew I could count on Chiara Home to take care of Kristine with love and attention so that she would not feel abandoned." 

-Carol, Indiana

"When you are dealing
with a special needs child,
trust is a big issue. That trust
is reinforced every time I look into my son's eyes when we enter Chiara Home.

Without Chiara Home,
I could not continue to work and support my family."

-Angela, Indiana


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