Our Mission

          Chiara Home is dedicated to the Spirit of Saint Clare of Assisi, who is known for her care of the outcast by providing both food and hospitality.  Chiara Home desires to provide that same care to those people among us who have been identified as having a developmental difference or special need.
         Chiara Home strives to undertake those activities which will promote both a gentle and home-like atmosphere so that all persons in our care may experience a place of rest and a time of total acceptance.
         Chiara Home provides out-of-home respite care services to families caring for an individual with a developmental disability, mental disorder and/or other special needs.  In this way, we seek to provide families supportive assistance so that institutionalizing their disabled loved one can be prevented.  It is also our goal to prevent abuse and neglect of disabled individuals and help families remain together as functioning units within our community.

Peter, Hannah, and Meridith

Our Vision
(adopted August 16, 1997)

         Chiara Home is distinguished by its values and its spiritually motivated care-giving expressed through total acceptance of persons with special needs.  With a growing number of guests and an expanded volunteer and personnel base, we respond to the needs of families in ways which preserve and strengthen them.  As a dynamic, well marketed and financially sound organization, Chiara Home has the firm support of a variety of spiritual communities as well as local and national groups.  We are recognized as a model for all who seek to enhance the lives of persons with special needs.

Respite Care

Chiara Home is a not-for-profit organization that provides out-of-home respite care services for people with special needs.

"The service performed at Chiara Home is the love of God in action and is a beautiful thing to see and participate in as a volunteer."
-Vanessa, Indiana


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