Making a Difference at
Chiara Home

Brett and Mirjam

“My volunteer service at Chiara Home will belong to those unforgettable things in my life.  Every person I met touched my heart and I learned what it means to take care of a person as well as really care about them.”

           -Mirjam, Germany













Volunteers Needed!

A special person can use your arms to hold them or play with them.

Can you hold a child who has
no muscle tone?
Can you push a wheel chair?
Can you keep up with someone who has a great deal of energy?
Can you give hugs?
Are you comfortable with people of all age groups?
Are you patient?
Are you reliable?
Do you have a sense of humor?
If you answered YES to any of these questions you are the person we are looking for!



Come for a visit and see if you are interested in our program. 
Give an hour or two a week. 
Cook an occasional meal for Chiara Home. 
Donate time to help make candy. 
Offer to mow the lawn, clean the yard or snow blow the driveway.
Donate a service that is uniquely you. 

Call or e-mail Sister Gretchen and ask how you can help, 574-287-5435 or



Mirjam and Chris

"A few years ago, God sent our family, not just one angel, but a group of angels. Those angels are the people who work and volunteer at Chiara Home.  There are very few places I can take my son Brenden for childcare.  Chiara Home is the one place, besides family, that I can trust to care for him."
                          -Angela, Indiana

Miriam and Kristine



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